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Missionaire Internship Program

Missionaire is partnering with the Saving Liberty Foundation, Friends of Jenny, and EAA Chapter 699 to run an internship for local high school students in Winchester, TN. The students will be working on a DeHavilland DH-4 (one of only 2 flying in the world), and two Team Mini-Max airplanes.

The DH 4 was the first aircraft that the United States sent into combat in 1918. The DH4 is a single engine, 2 seat biplane. Of all DH 4’s built prior to and during World War I, there is not one single plane currently flying in the United States. Missionaire has been chosen by the Saving Liberty Foundation to provide key elements of the restoration of this last remaining DH-4 aircraft. We will be restoring the structure of the tail-feathers, recovering the entire aircraft, painting the plane, and performing the assembly and rigging. We will also restore or reconstruct, as needed, all sheet metal pieces.

Friends of Jenny has been chosen to direct the project. Missionaire International provided the exact same work to restore the Jenny, with several high school students participating in the Jenny project through our internship program. After the aircraft is completely restored, assembled, and rigged, we will go through an inspection with the Federal Aviation Administration where they will issue an airworthiness certificate. The aircraft will then be tested, flown, and adjusted right here in Winchester.