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Latest Newsletter

April, 2015

Spring in southern Tennessee comes pretty much when the calendar officially says so. Suddenly the dogwoods, redbuds and daffodils appear, and then the world explodes with God’s creativity. It’s a similar feeling at Missionaire as we watch God at work, growing His ministry. We are excited to share how your partnership is making an impact in this region and around the world.

Missionaire has three full time students in aviation maintenance training. Our Cessna 172 primary and instrument trainer, nicknamed “Boing”, is in the shop undergoing some much-needed repairs and restoration. Check out the ongoing progress of this and other projects on Missionaire’s Facebook page.

One local church has become very involved with Missionaire, having long felt a calling to aviation ministry. Fifteen people from the church are in ground school, the precursor to flight training. Missionaire is maintaining the church’s two Piper Cherokee (single engine) aircraft, and helping them to define and refine their vision for ministry. The group has also volunteered their time to help us finish remodeling our lobby.

Welcome to our newest missionary aviation students – Josh, just starting out, and Liz, slated to arrive this summer. Pray for Josh and Liz as they continue to build their partnership teams and relocate to Tennessee.Another student is in process through our Community Impact program, a track for adults who desire training with a career-oriented focus. God has provided the space, equipment, resources, personnel and projects to handle more. Missionaire is operating at 10-20% capacity. Our goal is to reach 50-75% by the end of the year.

Ministry "Outside The Box"

The world is changing, especially in regard to how ministries are funded. For nearly two decades Missionaire has operated a “for-profit” business alongside Missionaire for the express purpose of helping fund Kingdom work. We have recently extended this concept to include not one business focus, but three. These include flight training, maintenance training, and computer/IT service. All of these happen under our for-profit corporation, Elevation Inc.

What it looks like in "real life"

Missionaire provides a full-service aviation maintenance and repair shop to the community at the Winchester Municipal Airport. Our students learn under the direction of instructors on real airplanes, providing a broad variety of experience within the industry. Customers are billed a flat rate for service, regardless of the amount of student time invested. All income goes to fund the Lord’s work and helps with expenses such as hangar rent, utilities, insurance, technical manuals, parts inventory and office supplies. This allows Missionaire to keep its long-standing promise to never take a percentage of our missionaries’ support for administrative or operational costs.

Recently the University of the South, located in Sewanee, Tennessee, asked Missionaire CEO Jon Foote to take over management of the Franklin County/Sewanee Airport. This new satellite location is just 7 miles from Winchester, and Missionaire’s flight training department now operates from the new site. Again, all income from revenue generated at Sewanee will fund Kingdom work and benefit our missionary students. We are still in the set-up process at Sewanee, and are excited to watch God orchestrate this new opportunity.

Another for-profit business focuses on computer repair and IT service. This consulting company was created by Missionaire to utilize yet another facet of our ministry to benefit the local community and provide another avenue of funding.

One important feature of Missionaire’s ministry has always been that of reaching out to the local community. Our program is open to those in the community that are interested in training, whether for a career in aviation or simply for recreation. This creates a natural avenue for outreach.

So, while our core of training at Missionaire remains focused on those entering the field of missionary aviation, expanding our services fulfills three essential purposes:

• It primes the pump for future missionary aviators
• It cultivates Kingdom growth through outreach
• It provides funding for Missionaire through student tuition and business revenue

Do we still need your partnership for both missionary and General Operating Fund support? Absolutely! Your faithful prayers, encouragement, and financial support remain the backbone of our ministry. Do you support one of our missionaries? Each one relies on God’s provision – we appreciate His care through you. Every cent you give goes toward your chosen missionary’s day to day needs and training expenses. Do you give to Missionaire’s General Operating Fund? You are a blessing. You allow us to effectively keep serving, preparing people and aircraft for mission service throughout the world.

Thank you!