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Training Costs

Maintenance Training Cost

Each trainee is considered a missionary and is responsible for raising monthly support. The individual, based on family size and personal needs, determines the amount of support needed. A reasonable percentage of support should be committed prior to beginning. Although it is not advisable, we do allow part time work outside of Missionaire International. Others may opt for another means of non-traditional support. When there is an ability to commit full time to Missionaire International, then one is considered a staff member and may begin service.

The cost for Apprenticeship Training is $3000 per year* ($250/month) and can be raised along with personal monthly support. FAA General, Airframe, and Powerplant books are provided early in the program to facilitate learning. All A & P Mechanics with less than two years experience are required to pay the standard training fee of $3000 per year* ($250/month).

These fees help us to provide training materials, plus additional insurance protection covering trainees in the shop. In addition, all maintenance personnel must purchase a set of required tools.

*After one year of service, apprentices are eligible to apply for a partial scholarship through the local FBO. Scholarships are awarded based on individual performance and commitment, and subsidize one half of the training fees ($125).

Flight Training Cost

Prices, aircraft, regulations and mission environments always seem to be changing, so the following should be perceived as rough estimates, not binding contractual obligations. Prices current as of December, 2013.

Private Rating: $6,000

60 hours in a Cessna 150
30 hours (of the 60 above) with an instructor
Pilot supplies, ground school, flight physical, etc.

Instrument Rating: $8,000

50 hours cross-country in a Cessna 150
40 hours (additionally) with an instructor in a Cessna 172
Pilot supplies, ground school, flight physical, etc.

Commercial Rating: $9,000

50 hours in a Cessna 150
25 hours in a Cessna 172
25 hours in a Mooney M20C
30 hours with an instructor (of the hours above)
Pilot supplies, ground school, flight physical, etc.

Other options:

Many missions organizations require 500 hours of pilot time.
Some require high-performance, complex, and multi-engine ratings.
We will use our nearly 40 years of aviation experience, connections, creativity and energy to help you get there in a manner tailored to your success!