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Flight Training

Flight training may begin at any time after the first year of apprenticeship is completed. On the mission field, we want you to view yourself first as a servant, second as a mechanic, and as a pilot - last. This curbs an attitude often found in missions - "I'm a pilot, God called me to fly, and I shouldn't have to do anything else" - and focuses the apprentice on a year of mechanical knowledge, giving a better understanding of flight.

A flight syllabus is utilized before and during each training flight; ground school is incorporated into the syllabus, providing a more practical, hands-on approach to flying. Private Pilot through Multi-Engine is offered.

Our program is designed to train individuals to be pilots on the mission field. We take you where you are, and help you to become a proficient pilot for the area of the world to which the Lord is leading you.

After you have the basics, we are able to teach you to fly the airplane closer to its limits. This involves techniques for short field, rough field, soft field, runway clearing (how to safely remove animals and people from your intended landing area), landing on curved runways, & uphill/downhill landings, all with the aircraft fully loaded.

Your training will then be geared toward the area to which you are called.