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Training at Missionaire prepares students for placement as a missionary mechanic/pilot. Whether or not you have any previous aviation training, we teach all the skills needed for you to become an effective missionary aviator. There is much more involved in becoming a missionary mechanic/pilot than fixing and flying aircraft, and we have developed our program to encompass all these areas of training, including flight training, maintenance training, and Bible/mission courses.

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Upon initial approval, you will be notified. You are then required to attend a week-long orientation at Missionaire. During this time you will be given an in-depth look into our ministry, and a taste of what being a missionary is all about. Missionaire's support-raising course is also begun during the Orientation Week. Once Orientation is completed, we take two weeks to spend time in prayer, asking you to do the same, before making a final decision on acceptance.

Joining a ministry is, in many ways, like a marriage. People work closely together day in and day out, and must have a reasonably similar agreement on philosophy and method of ministry. It is wise to consider taking time to volunteer for two weeks to a month at Missionaire to get a better feel for how we operate and who we are.